Fangirling SO hard.


Michelle Dockery plays guitar with Elizabeth McGovern and cites Melody Gardot as a musicial influence?!? Ahhhhhhh!

Look at her. Just look at her.

Michelle is delightfully down to earth

How you get so perrrrrfecccttttt, darling?!!!

This happens to me every time I see a picture of her, or hear about her.

Mary: My life makes me angry, not you.

I’ve fallen out of favour,
And I’ve fallen from grace…
Fell in your opinion,
When I fell in love with you.




Downton Abbey Meme [12]
A Moment That Made You Laugh: “….. sorry about the vase”

Every time I see this I can’t help but think: Mary is so aroused.

Ahaha YEP. I always find Mary’s eyeline here fascinating. How she completely turns her head away when Carlisle walks past, absolutely refusing to acknowledge him on any level… Then Matthew approaches, and Mary looks at him for a moment but then away, clearly not at anything in particular - but the moment Matthew turns to look behind him, she just STARES at him, like… he is literally her hero. And I hate that phrase, he didn’t *save* her, anything like that, but… it’s how she looks at him, then. Clearly aroused. I LOVE it!

All very true, but I have to admit, my favourite look in this scene is Robert’s when Violet says “Do you promise.” 


Because who doesn’t need this face on their dash after the crap fest that was watching Upstairs Downstairs?


Mary sees Matthew for the first time since he’s gone to war… and she sees him with Lavinia.